Lennon & McCartney.  Jagger & Richards.  Hall & Oates. 

When it comes to songwriting, the cream of the crop come in pairs.  Don't look now, but a new tandem has emerged to tantalize the world's earbuds, and they go by the name of The Frustrated Rockstars - Geoff Cole & Justin Dunne.

They met at Georgia State University, where they both received degrees in Journalism in 1998.  Since then, they have dabbled in and conquered various media forms, from the radio airwaves to award-winning magazine writing.

After years of admiring the pool of songwritiers, The Frustrated Rockstars have decided to jump in feet first.  Separating them from the pack is their ability to write infectious, memorable songs in every genre.  From rap to rock, they have toes tapping and tongues wagging.

C’mon and enjoy the newest American songwriting force - The Frustrated Rockstars.

"Good Looks Are Wasted On The Good Looking"

"Sunday Beer"

"One Near You"

"She Was Cougar Before Cougar Was Cool"

"Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"

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